Below are some testimonials from Bexcom's collaborators over the years ...

"Ms. Bendixen is one of the savviest and most insightful players in the global inclusive design movement. She sees trends early and offers persistently thoughtful analysis." 
VALERIE FLETCHER, Executive Director of the Institute for Human Centered Design, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

"Karin Bendixen (Bexcom) has played an invaluable role in the development of the project: Musholm Bay Holiday Resort. With her unique knowledge and ability to create space for inclusion, Karin has contributed to the inclusion of people with disabilities, where the solutions have been realized and directly embedded in the project, from start to finish. Karin has with her contagious commitment and direct approach to user involvement processes been able to successfully achieve, the challenging connection between theory and practice - in a way where everyone involved have been able to work and advance together!"
Founding partner, Creative Management, MA in architecture, AART architects A/S

"Karin Bendixen is one of the most knowledgeable and expert people in Europe on the subject of inclusive design - design for all ages and abilities. Her experience in the field is rich and, in the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the RCA, we have benefitted greatly from her advice and ideas as a member of our Board of Advisers over many years."
JEREMY MYERSON, Director and Chair, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art, London.

"Bexcom is a pioneer within inclusive design and Design for All, user involvement and stakeholder engagement – and within the synergetic interface between anthropological, sociological and creative competences when developing products, services and the built environment. The councelling rests on decades of experience and close collaboration with research institutions and practitioners within the said fields – vouching for the quality and substance of the outcome. Lengthy engagements in the professional communities working with the development of socially responsible design practice ensures that Bexcom has direct access to leading experts and practitioners within the field, in Denmark as well as globally."
STEINAR VALADE-AMLAND, CEO THREE POINT ZERO og tidligere direktør for Danske Designere.

"Grasp the concept; frame it in short, meaningful phrases: communicate it efficiently and effectively to the reader.
Simple? Yes, it sounds simple enough, but it's a true work of art (and skill). All the more so when the subject matter is design, architecture, town planing... all those creative professions that have a huge impact on our everyday lives, but that we usually only notice when they go wrong. 
Open a publication in any of these fields and the chances are you will not understand what it is talking about. Unless you are fortunate enough to read one written by someone with the capacity of understanding, analysis and synthesis that has been a hallmark of Karin Bendixen's work for many years.
But that Karin brings this to her writing is not the end of the story: as the prime mover of Design for All in her native Denmark for over a decade, she has also brought the same understanding, analysis and synthesis to her task of spearheading and championing the forward development of the theory and practice of design to achieve a better society for everyone. 
Every country could do with a Karin Bendixen."
PETER KERCHER, Ambassador, EIDD - Design for All Europe.

“For almost 20 years Design for All Foundation and Bexcom has worked together in several projects e.g. magazine projects and in the Design for All community. Working with such a committed and passionate person for so many years made me discover the meaning of teamwork, at its best. Despite our hard work – fun has always been an important part of our cooperation.”
FRANCESC ARAGALL, President, Design for All Foundation, Barcelona.