i-SIT Resting Chair

The i-SIT project was a user-driven project focusing on innovation and methods for developing resting chairs based on user needs in relation to functionality and immaterial values. The project was co-financed by the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority under the first Danish government’s programme for user-driven innovation. Bexcom was partner and responsible for userprofiles, userinvolvement and communication during the lifetime of the project.

About Bexcom

Bexcom is a Consulting & Project Company

Bexcom was established in 2004 by Karin Bendixen and it combines 25 years of research, knowledge and experience in areas such as; health- and disability, the inclusive design area, sociology and communication.

When required, Bexcom collaborates with other skilled professionals to ensure that all tasks/projects are solved with access to and the integration of different angles and the newest available knowledge.

Bexcom's clients include the public sector, private companies, educational institutions, ministries, national and international, non-governmental organizations (see reference list).
Bexcom has direct access to a large and professional network at national, Nordic and international levels. The network includes acknowledged resources within user-driven innovation, research, communication, strategies, processes, accessibility and inclusion, Design for All, Smart Home technologies, design, architecture, mainstream product development and disability policies.

Bexcom focuses in particular on the inclusive society, where both the global perspective and the detail are important for a successful outcome, whether it concerns a product, architecture or services.

Bexcom works strategically and interdisciplinary with accessibility and user-driven innovation. We attach great importance to involve older people and users with and without disabilities at different stages of the process. As a result, Bexcom has initiated the development of products and tools, which have been converted into mainstream products.

In 2002, Karin Bendixen took the initiative to establish the network Design for All, of which she is still chair.




Bexcom’s work is based on the assumption that specific professional knowledge does not solve a problem alone–professionalism, flexibility, knowledge from other fields, empathy, humility and humour are equally important components…

On 1st October 2015, the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation opened the extention of  "Musholm, Vacation - Sports - Conference" Centre. The new multi-purpose hall and the new holiday homes are designed by AART architects and Karin has been the advisor on Universal Design, strategy and process. Read more about Musholm:

In 2014, one of Bexcom's recent projects has been nominated by Creative Business Cup Europe 2014 as one of the 15 best creative projects in Denmark.

In 2010, Karin was awarded the ”Vanførefondens Encouragement Prize”, for having "made ​​a selfless and remarkable effort to facilitate the daily lives of the physically disabled".

Karin is a frequent member of juries for design and architectural competitions and delivers regularly lectures and presentations at home and abroad.