User-Driven Innovation & Inclusion

– A sound Investment for Busines and Society alike

User-driven innovation and inclusive design have several similarities. Both concepts revolve around - and both a successful design process and a usable end product depend on understanding - the conscious and unconscious needs of the user.

It is not at all about bringing new stuff to the world, but about finding new ways to design it, and not least to include all types of users in the design process.

Significant business opportunities arise from innovating architecture, urban spaces, products and services that can be used by as many people as possible, including people with disabilities and one of the dominant demographic communities of the future: the elderly.

  • Bexcom advises, organizes and conducts user surveys and tests involving elderly users and users with and without disabilities.
  • We create user profiles in order to optimize and ensure that the needs and requirements comply with actual user needs in for example architecture, product design, service design and technology.
  • We conduct national and international research of inclusive design as well as Universal Design in relation to architecture, product design, service design, technology and relevant trends.
  • We utilise sociological and anthropological as well as other proven methods and collaborates with other relevant professionals depending on the project.


Bexcom focuses in particular on the inclusive society, where both the global perspective and the detail are important for a successful outcome, whether it concerns a product, architecture or services.